Our strength = Reliable and fair processing

Automotive exhaust gas purification catalysts, autocatalysts, account for approximately half of the demand for platinum globally.We, Nippon PGM, evaluate, sample and analyze spent autocatalysts and industrial catalysts, collected from all over the world, thouroughly and fairly, at ultimate care and detail.Our most suitable and efficient PGM recycling approach deeply contributes to global resource sustainability and environmental protection efforts.
The strength of Nippon PGM comes from its state-of-the art, reliable evaluation system and specifically developed proven recycling technology.Our well controlled, automated sampling systems assure the delivery of the most accurate representative samples from your most valuable spent autocatalyst and/or industrial catalyst materials.Our specifically developed pyrometallurgical recycling technology allows exceptionally high precious metal recoveries, at a remarkably short time.Apart from valuable precious metals, our envirnonmentally sound recycling treatment has only one end product, stabilized / vitreous slag with no environmental risk.

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